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As you may or may not already know MimiCoin is the first social cryptocurrency. But what does it mean? Social networks are all around us and they are taking over the world. Almost all, if not all, social networks are just that, they don’t want to dig into blockchain just yet. You wonder why?

Blockchain is relatively new and not many people are blockchain developers or users, maybe 1% of Earth’s population knows about and uses blockchain, maybe I’m wrong here. What I know for sure, if you want to get big, if you want to go viral you have to target wider audience, possibly teenagers and college students. Just take a look at TBH, Snapchat, Peach, YikYak, Vine… By targeting only people who are into blockchain you’re limited here, at least for now.

We’ll try something different

Mimic wants to try something different here. Mimic wants to introduce blockchain to wider audience, fuse blockchain and real social network. This is how¬† we’re gonna do it:

1. First step is already done. We created iOS app so we can work on soft launch, so we can test it, offer Mimic to our friends, families and people we know. Just to get a better understanding and user’s feedback.

2. Execute an ICO and offer our coins there. This way we will spread the word around and prepare people for upcoming features. If you are an investor and you have younger brother, sister, daughter, son… they can also help you to spread the word around and create some value. More users = more transactions = more value… You get it, right.

3. Release the app on the iOS in the USA only! USA is a gold mine of startup community and social network apps. We’ll create exclusivity thus demand will increase. We’ll target city by city, community by community, create awareness and get people used to the concept of Mimic.

4. When we attract users and get some critical mass we’ll gradually implement MimiCoins which will be used for in-app purchases, advertising, gamification… We’ll do it in a fun way so we don’t scare our users. They will embrace it easily because it’s gonna feel natural to them. Basically they will be transferred to crypto world without almost them knowing.
You can’t expect from people just to jump into blockchain just like that. After all this is a new way of handling money and transactions, somebody needs to get them used to crypto world and show them that it’s not that strange and scary.

5. When people get used to using our coins, we’ll partner up with other smaller social networks and hopefully bigger ones in order to implement MimiCoins in their network.

This is how we do it…

This is how we’re gonna fuse real world and crypto world. Introducing coins and crypto world to young adults will have a great impact to crypto world itself. Teenagers, college students and young adults are the ones who are not afraid to try new things. They are well connected and their presence on social networks and generally online is undeniable.

As Mimic is a split screen app itself where those two screens merge in whole, in the same way we have split worlds, crypto and real world, which will be merged into one unity.

Written by Dario Trbovic

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