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I’ve been watching various ICOs and the thing I noticed in most of them is: We are decentralized something. Meaning: We created a platform that is similar to some other more popular platform but our is using blockchain. What’s the problem here? The problem are users and a market.

The problem

You might ask me how users or a market is the problem when this is decentralized, people will just come and use this platform… Well maybe, but this is how I see it. Blockchain is decentralized but everything that happens, happens through this website or a service or a platform. Once it’s gone or if it fails, the whole system goes down with it.

Example #1

Let’s take for example a freelancing platform or a social network platform. Let’s take „freelance“ platform as an example number 1. It will solve a many problems current freelancing platforms encounter or will fill up some holes, that’s for sure, but first they need to get some users. If decides to introduce blockchain and crypto currency as the way of payment that’s gonna make some serious mark on smaller players. is huge freelancing platform with thousands of active freelancers who trust this company and just want to find some work and they can do that. Don’t forget they are people who really understand internet and technology. If introduces crypto currency and adjusts its business model, what’s the probability that users will migrate to another platform?

Example #2

Even „worse“ case is social network. You really need to offer people something more than just a „decentralized“ social network where people can post, like, comment… What „decentralized“ really means? More privacy? Your data spread across the network and stored on other people’s computers?

The approach here is wrong. You can’t just introduce „new but old“ decentralized social network. By that I mean: social network that is exactly the same as any other but the only thing that is different is decentralization aspect. Would you leave Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook or some other network you use, where you friends and families are, which serves you just fine for another one that claims decentralization and currently is empty?


Here in Mimic we are being honest, Mimic is not decentralized app, it’s an ordinary app which merges two worlds into one, social and crypto world. We won’t do it in a way everyone else does it, we’ll step up a game a little bit.
On the one hand there’s a Mimic, ordinary split screen app for teenagers and college students that allows them to copy each other selfies, moves or any other fun activities, even encourages them to challenge people in copying their photos or videos (“let’s see who can do this better”). In this way we’ll attract young generation to join this fun app and hopefully make it viral.

On the other side we have our MimiCoins which we’ll introduce as our main currency used for in-app-purchases, advertising, gamification… So here we are with the app full of young people and now we’re introducing crypto world to them in a fun way. They won’t even feel „a pain“ of transferring to the crypto world.
What do we as crypto veterans get? Well more users, bigger market, popularity, viralty…

That’s why we’re preparing for an ICO. In our case everyone wins, non-crypto community and especially crypto community. You can read more about it on Mimic’s ICO site.

To sum up

Targeting only <1% of blockchain community is just not enough to make it work when the rest of Earth’s population still uses fiat currencies, is not familiar with the blockchain and it takes time until they fully embrace the blockchain. What makes platform/app/website great and big are their users. First you need to lure ordinary people to join your app/website or whatever and then gradually introduce crypto world to them. In this way you’ll have two sides merged together, ordinary people who will gain knowledge about crypto and crypto currency who already know so much.

And that’s how all live happily ever after!

Written by Dario Trbovic

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