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Hi guys!

In order to make it easier to understand I filmed a video explaining Mimic, MimiCoin and introducing the team. We are here to with Mimic, an app for youth where they can copy each other’s videos and photos or challenge each other. Let’s say you’re a footballer and you know some very good tricks, upload them to Mimic and watch how other people try to copy you.

Mimic is introducing MimiCoin, as we like to call it the first social cryptocurrency. Why the first? There are so many others? Well unlike other we’ll gather the users first and then introduce our coin to everyone. We have in plan to implement our coins into other social networks, to make it the standard.

There are only 6 of us, not much but we work perfectly together. We’re all from Croatia (yeah, that small country somewhere in Europe, you’ve heard of Dubrovnik and Game of Thrones for sure), we did projects together so we know how each of us think. We’re ready to take it to another level!

To make it easier for you to “browse” the video here 3 parts of the video:
0:10 What is Mimic?
0:50 About ICO
1:50 The team

Written by Dario Trbovic

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