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We know that far more important than what we say is getting to the right person to say it. If you don’t get to the person with authority (with proper power) all the Why, Who, and What won’t make enough difference. That’s why we’re saying all of this to you reader. You’re the one who understand crypto world, you know the future it holds but also understand the real world you live in and that’s why we think you’re the best one we can convey our message.

The big WHY?

We strongly believe that blockchain and crypto world is the future of not only chosen ones but of the humankind. In the human history usually there was only one person who change the history: Neil Armstrong, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Malcolm X… Rarely there was a group of people who made a change or at least was credited for it. We believe that blockchain is turning point in human history and all of us are part of it. More people use blockchain more important it will become.

But what’s blockchain without people? Nothing! People are running it. Some of us have kids, some of us have nephews/nieces or brothers/sisters and we know who influential they actually are. They have great influence on our lives but also to the world around us, without even realizing it. Their mind is still unmolded and they want to try new and exciting things, they are brave enough to step into unknown because they have nothing to lose. Stepping into crypto world is going to look like a walk in a park for them if presented in the right way.

So why did you create MimiCoins? We created it because we are on a mission of giving a great importance to blokchain and popularizing it among youth.

How are you gonna do it?

Simply, through Mimic app. Mimic is very simple and friendly app, made specifically for youth. When we say youth we think of millennials, teenagers, students, but if you’re feeling young it’s for you as well. We’re giving them exactly what they like, we’re giving them fun, achievement, the feeling of belonging and challenge.

Through Mimic they can set an example, show their achievements and ideas and challenge people to try the same thing and mimic what they did, challenge people to follow their example… It’s important to be the best and to be an influencer, a leader, someone who other people look up to and someone other people want to copy and be like.

Mimic is here to gather great amount of people and create community. Mimic is here to start a movement that everyone will follow.


Once we have followers and once people have followers and their followers have followers and so on, the chain reaction will already start by itself. What are we going to do then? Then we’ll introduce MimiCoin to all of them. Then we’ll ask them to follow our example, our achievement and to copy us. What do you mean by “copy us”? With the introduction of MimiCoin Mimic will step into the world of crypto world fully and by “copy us” we want to ask from our community this: “We are introducing new world to you, new world that has become a part of Mimic, join us and let us build it together”!

We hope you understand our vision much better now. Take our hand, join and mimic us, let’s create a history together!

Written by Dario Trbovic

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