Why are social networks a great way to make blockchain accepted globally?

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Social networks are part of our lives, they are everywhere and you just can’t miss them. If you’ve never heard of Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter or Instagram you probably don’t live on the planet Earth. Here in Mimic we all use blockchain, bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and social networks, but hey everyone use social networks, which is not the case for blockchain. We believe that with the right fusion of blockchain and social networks, it’s going to a blast, a brand new big bang.

The universe of social networks

Exactly, the universe. Nowadays social networks are just like universe, constantly expanding and rising, creating new galaxies (networks). As you may see bellow billions of users are using various social networks which makes them very valuable.

Among US users, the most advanced major market and thus a good bellwether for future global trends, Facebook is also retaining a huge lead on the competition. It actually increased it’s penetration to 89% of US internet users, whilst Facebook-owned Instagram came 2nd with 32% penetration.

Ok, those are networks you’ve heard of, but what about networks you might have not heard of but are here and used by teenagers or college students? Have you ever heard of:

  • Houseparty – Group Video Chat is a way for groups of teens to connect via live video. Two to eight people can be in a chat together at the same time.
  • Live.ly – Live Video Streaming poses all the same risks that all live-streaming services do, so poor choices, oversharing, and chatting with strangers can be part of the package.
  • Live.me – Live Video Streaming allows kids to watch others and broadcast themselves live, earn currency from fans, and interact live with users without any control over who views their streams.
  • Whisper is a social “confessional” app that allows users to post whatever’s on their minds, paired with an image.
  • There are also TBH, Snapchat, Kik, Telegram, Musical.ly… RIP Vine, YikYak.
  • Here are the most popular social networks of teenagers in the United States from Fall 2012 to Spring 2017:

There’s even more, you see, there’s almost no end.

Ok, so what are you saying?

Let me answer my own question: Why are social networks a great way to make blockchain accepted globally? It’s simple, just look at the numbers. Viral social networks are the best way to promote blockchain. You know how much money do influencers earn from social networks and their followers? We alot, for now, YouTube reigns supreme, with the most-followed folks — 7 million subscribers or more — able to command $300,000 for a video partnership. On Facebook and Instagram, that figure dipped to $187,000 and $150,000 respectively.

Imagine when Mimic becomes a part of this list with millions of users, millions of young people building the network itself. Imagine when new influencers start to rise and start earning some great amount of money. Now imagine when Mimic implements MimiCoin and introduces it not only influencers but to everyone… Popularity will skyrocket. Mimic becomes more valuable, MimiCoin becomes more valuable, demand increases, influencers start using MimiCoin as payment currency and you as a investor owns MimiCoins… No need to say anything else.


Written by Dario Trbovic

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